Bunkers & Badasses Science-Fantasy RPG Sourcebook



From Nerdvana, directly inspired by Gearbox Studios' Borderlands series, made for you!

Within the Sourcebook, you’ll find over 200 pages of skag-shooting, skeleton-looting, treasure-hoarding tabletop action! The sourcebook doesn’t just include everything you need to know in order to play Bunkers & Badasses for yourself -- it’s also got:

 - Over a hundred pieces of  custom art
 - Over two hundred jokes
 - Twenty of which are funny
 - Three full adventure campaigns you can run straight out of the book, each chock full of Borderlands characters, enemies, and general badassery!

The Bunkers & Badasses sourcebook includes everything you need to create your own custom adventures, whether you’re crafting a simple one-shot or a sprawling campaign! It also includes advice on how to lie, cheat, and cut corners to make it seem like you did more preparation than you actually did. 

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