Bunkers & Badasses Science-Fantasy RPG Deluxe Edition



Based on the game-within-a-game from Gearbox Entertainment's Borderlands series, Bunkers & Badasses is tabletop roleplaying unlike anyone’s ever done before!

Within the Sourcebook, you’ll find over 200 pages of skag-shooting, skeleton-looting, treasure-hoarding tabletop action!

K so if you hate reading (how dare) the thingy comes with a buncha other stuff liiiiiike

Ten mini vault hunter figurines. They are babies. Protect them

Fifty enemy standee thingies. Kill them

Seventy gun cards: blap blap go fish

BM screen: for hiding…………………..secret things

Battle map: 

Borderlands dice. Keep rollin rollin rollin beebeeeee

-Tiny Tina



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