Bunkers & Badasses Science-Fantasy RPG Deluxe Edition + Free PDF Sourcebook



The Deluxe Edition comes with a physical copy of the Sourcebook AND a free PDF copy of the Sourcebook, plus lots and lots of other amazing stuff. Seriously. 

You'll get :

Bunker Master Game Screen; a four panel BM screen filled with information to aid the BM in running a fun and smooth campaign.

Over 100 different collectible Gun Cards including dozens of blank, customizable cards.

Custom Borderlands Dice Set forged from the highest quality eridium and comes with a one of a kind weighted Badass Die.  keep rollin rollin rollin 

Battle Grid Game Board; durable, double sided, dry erase board for customizing and enhancing any game session.

10 unpainted Vault Hunter Miniatures! Play with the original ten Vault Hunters from Borderlands 1 & 2.

More than 50 Enemy Standees representing the various adversaries in the game!

Make your own unique badass using the deep but intuitive Bunkers & Badasses character creation system! Pick from ten newly imagined Vault Hunter classes and skill trees from both Borderlands 1 and 2!

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