Shotguns & Sensibility - A Bunkers & Badasses Adventure (PDF Version)


Shotguns and Sensibility is a digital roleplaying module for Bunkers & Badasses.

This module requires the Bunkers & Badasses sourcebook.

Embark on a journey through the realm of "Shotguns & Sensibility," a fantastical classic adventure filled with whimsy and fancy clothing! Players will navigate the treacherous waters of courtly intrigue, armed with both wit and magical guns. Choose between the path of sensibility, relying on diplomacy and charm, or embrace the chaos with guns blazing. Encounter mythical creatures, enchanted estates, and bewitched ballrooms in this uproarious blend of fantasy and Regency-era drama. "Shotguns & Sensibility" is a Bunkers & Badasses RPG module that combines the elegance of society with the explosive chaos of fantastical firearms, offering a rollicking adventure where propriety meets firepower in a tale that will leave you questioning the sensibility of it all.

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